Turn Yourself into a Jaguar F-TYPE S Expert by Watching This Review

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Alchemy. When you hear that word, you might envision ancient scientists attempting to transform lead into gold.

That’s not the only form the practice takes, though. Jaguar has altered it substantially and turned aluminum, as well as leather, epoxy, and four rubber tires, into a muscular, growling cat known as the 2016 F-TYPE S.

The presenter of the following video, Saabkyle04, has fundamentally changed himself as well. Through extensive research and studying, he’s become an encyclopedia of knowledge about the feline with the firepower of a 380-hp supercharged V6. The following video tour of the F-TYPE S is long, but dense with information about the spiritual successor to the E-Type, such as the sizes of its brakes, the new features Jaguar has introduced on it for the 2016 model year, and how much feedback the electric-assisted power steering provides.

It’s impossible to turn your brain into a sponge, but click the play button below and do your best to soak up all the info you can.

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