Jaguar Gives a Shift: 2017 XE Gets Optional Manual

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Jaguar’s dedication to delivering automobiles that enhance your life has always been their direction. Jaguar cares about their customers being in control. They have a history of exceeding customer expectations, which is at the heart of their campaign today. Their continued pursuit of perfection has grown into a new era, with releases of highly-competitive new models, powertrains, and engineering force. Continuing that new era, in under a year, the Jaguar XE sport sedan will breach our shores with a new 6-speed manual transmission option.

The new 6-speed manual transmission certainly sounds impressive. Light aluminum gearbox casing, hollow shafts, and pocketed gears are the major weight saving techniques. A brilliant semi-dry sump lubrication system is used, evolving from traditional splash lubrication. High-tech lubing, and lightweight architecture in an all aluminum chassis! Where do I sign up to buy this racecar?

These factors along with quality assembly all amount to a dynamic feel that I am eager to test. Jaguar says it is “characterized by its light, precise gear changes and a wide ratio spread offering a blend of excellent launch performance and quiet, refined cruising.”

It’s going to be a BMW versus Jaguar face off next year. Juicy!


I haven’t driven the Jaguar XE, let alone a manual variant, and I’m excitement for a taste. Even if that taste is twisting once around a racetrack, I know I’ll be able to feel the thoughtful engineering and build quality. Feeling how good the F-Type and its drivelines are around Willow Springs raceway recently, I can only dream of how good a 182-inch sport sedan will be. I am a true American four-door man, and this speaks directly to me.

Whilst chatting with Jaguar representatives and engineers, I found out the six-speed manual will be optional for both Ingenium diesel and gas inline four bangers. The diesel model is sure to have a beastly kick with this six-speed manual. An 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF engineering will be fitted standard if you’re not able to find a 6-speed. The V6 XE will only be equipped with the automatic 8-speed.

Companies like Volvo have sworn off a manual transmissions, and now Jaguar brings it back. I think they have the right performance, appeal, and customer base for the manuals and diesel engines. What do you think?

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