Gorgeous First Gen 1961 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

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The Keno brothers are premier American automotive antiquarians. With a lifelong passion for collecting rare classic cars and a professional background in luxury auctions, Leigh and Leslie Keno have established Keno Brothers Fine Automobile Auctions. And their first auto auction, Rolling Sculpture, was held in New York City last month.

Their goal is to present a more entertaining and eventful way to bid for a car, which is as special as the car itself. By way of a complimentary touchscreen tablet connecting to the car using NFC technology, which unlocks a short vignette of your next dream car. It is sheer brilliance, blending the feel of a modern art museum, a fashion show, and mobile technology with auctioning.

The Keno Brothers have a special place in their garages and hearts for the Jaguar E-Type, as you can see in the video below. Their passion derives from when they first began owning cars and bought an E-Type to restore with Dad, which they still own and drive today. I imagine their E is quite outstanding.

This first-generation 1961 Jaguar E-Type left-hand roadster that brought in $380,800 USD at the auction brings a level of rarity and quality unlike any other E-Type in the world. First-generation models are uncommon and in this condition, truly magnificent. It is a trophy sports car which gentlemen travel the globe to acquire. 

Professional restoration was performed by Classic Showcase in California bringing this E-Type to concours quality. It has received a 100 point score for outstanding attention to detail and quality. Over the course of many years the owners of this Jaguar had it repainted with what looks like mediocre maintenance. Nonetheless it has been brought up to its pure OEM British state by Classic Showcase. Their white glove service began with stripping it down to bare chassis and restoring from the base on.

Old parts were restored when possible. New-old-stock parts were used if the original parts couldn’t be found. Classic Showcase restored everything from the body to the powertrain. All powertrain parts were re-tuned or replaced including the engine to differential. All rubber and chrome fittings were refashioned or replaced. The exterior was sealed, painted with many coats, and clear coated to concours quality. Finally the interior was reupholstered to its factory color and styling.

I am a big stickler for documentation of vehicles new or old. New cars are damaged too. This rare E-Type has all of the paperwork from its life and ownership. The best part is the DVD video showing the entire restoration and everything Classic Showcase touched upon.

Is this the most beautiful car in the world as Enzo Ferrari was quoted saying? Are you comfortable with owning a fully-restored, heavily-used Jaguar? Would you want to find a beater E-Type and restore it yourself instead?

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