Watch Jaguar’s F-Pace Tackle an Off-Road Obstacle Course

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Jaguar’s The Art of the Performance Tour is a traveling circus that features driving courses perfectly constructed for showcasing new technologies, like this F-Pace’s AWD. You may have taken part in Jaguar’s international vehicle-sampling event before, although each one is tailored a bit differently across continents. Jaguar’s approach is admirable, as they put future drivers in their cars for real-life sampling in their home cities. Automakers have done this in the past, but not to this campaign’s extent, as you can see in the video below, caught by Saudi Arabian YouTuber, Haraj UK CarsHe gets some super supreme angles of the F-Pace’s off-roading abilities while climbing over man-made metal ramps.

Often these ramp obstacle courses are built for international auto shows, so as to offer the press some photo ops displaying the vehicle’s dynamics. Rarely does the public ever get to see their future rigs tested at the limits in slo-mo, right in front of their eyes. Media members usually have to lace up their boots, head to the hills, and eat mud for hours to see how each vehicle handles different terrains. What a treat to have Jaguar bring the mountain and their rigs right to your backyard.

Watch this Supercharged V6 powered 35t AWD model F-Pace find grip while sending power on-demand to each corner of the car through its all-wheel drive system. Watch how it finds grip then applies power to the wheel with traction. Another massive test is at the end, when the driver opens the door while the F-Pace is balanced on two wheels. This shows that the unibody is rigid enough to hold its own, even when the door isn’t acting as a reinforcement.

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