All-Electric Jaguar SUV Charging up for 2018

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EV Jaguar E-pace

Remember the other day when were discussing how Jaguar’s participation in the Formula E electric racing series would benefit the marque’s street cars? Well, here’s proof.

According to Autocar, who also rendered the photo above, Jaguar will reveal an all-electric SUV as early as the end of this year. It should be ready for the streets by 2018. And like its Formula E cousin, the battery-powered car will be geared for performance.

While nothing’s been announced officially, the new EV could very feasibly go by the E-Pace moniker, considering Jaguar trademarked that name. And since the new electric SUV is reported to scale marginally smaller than the F-Pace, that would make sense.

The new EV will likely be all-wheel drive, twin-engined, lithiom-ion battery powered, and based upon the Jaguar Land Rover EV platform that the company displayed last year in Bedfordshire. Back then, it was being touted as the Evoque E project, with the intention of letting Land Rover bring JLR’s first battery-powered car to market.

Now it appears that Jaguar will carry that important torch. Which should be one more important step in shedding the marque’s old world reputation, don’t you think?

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Via [Autocar]

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