What’s the Most Fun You Can Have in an X-Type?

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Paintball, mud, and a moving car — it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

The last time we showed you CarThrottle’s Project Mud-Type, things were looking pretty dire. The stock X-Type, with almost 200,000 miles, was purchased for just $700. While the goal had been to take the X-Type off-road, it took just 200 feet to find its limitations.

Things have certainly changed for the better, though. A custom off-road coil-over suspension, big all-terrain tires, a skid plate, welded differentia, bull bar, and a snorkel all add considerable capability to the X-Type. It’s time to show off what this thing can do, and a muddy off-road park is the perfect test course.

Once the CarThrottle guys get their sea legs, the real fun begins. A similarly upgraded Subaru Impreza wagon shows up, with a very important passenger: Jack Wood of Planet Eclipse. Yes, the paintball company. We think you can see where this is going.

Paintball in a Jaguar X-Type

Wood brought a pair of top-of-the-line Planet Eclipse CS2 paintball guns, along with a full complement of safety gear. The rules are as follows: face shots are 50 points, while “maiming” or “injuring” a player results in an instant win. What follows is the stuff of schoolboy fantasies.


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The cars drive around the off-road park, while the passengers hang out of the window with the paintball guns, Starsky & Hutch-style. The battle that took place will go down in history as one of the most legendary campaigns ever fought — truly the stuff of legend. Heck, it’s already making waves on paintball forums.

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, Planet Eclipse‘s Jack Wood was the trigger man behind the shot heard ’round the world, a decisive move that brought an end to one of the most colorful skirmishes of the 21st century.

While the CarThrottle boys lost, they well and truly won the day, proving that it is indeed possible to transform an X-Type into a capable off-road machine. Now, they just need to work on their aim.

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