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Engine won't start

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Default Engine won't start

Hey all,

I just recently bought a 1997 XJ6 (about a week ago) and the car was running like a champ. There were no issues to my knowledge when I bought the vehicle, ran the scanner through it and had my trusted mechanic check it out before purchasing, and was driving it every day for short periods for about 10 days. Go to start it yesterday and it turned over and caught but the RPMs were wavering at 1000 RPMs and the whole car was shaking. I let it sit for a moment because this really threw me off and it somewhat calmed down so I cautiously put it in reverse. Didn't make it 2 feet before the car shook violently and sputtered off. Tried to start it again and the engine sounds like it really wants to start but the engine shakes and shakes and there's no ignition whatsoever.
I've only managed to get it started again for 3 seconds before it does the same thing.

My oil IS low right now but I wouldn't think that'd be too much of an issue. The car was somewhat of a daily driver before I bought it and was sitting in a garage whereas it's sitting outside in the cold now so I'm not sure if that'd cause any issue.

If anyone has any idea of where I could start to trouble shoot this issue please let me know. I just bought the car and have been without a vehicle for 3 years and I'd rather not resort back to walking again.
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Hi cst2561,

Welcome to the Jaguar Forums! It's great to have you with us.

My first impression from the sudden onset of your symptoms is that you may have gotten some fuel contaminated with water. Had you recently refueled, perhaps at a station you don't normally visit?

Our member aholbro1 started a thread to collect reports and resolutions of no-start conditions and it would be worthwhile reading for you:

Gentlemen: (No) Start Your Engines


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In covering the area of the Crankshaft position sensor that regulate a couple of things

It's something you can try and depending on your relationship with your auto parts store may be able to turn back in after trying

You have 2 engine rotation sensors on the AJ16 engine ; the crankshaft on the very front of the engine pulley's and the Camshaft on the right side by the power steering pump

We will leave the camshaft sensor out for now ( the engine will start and run with the connector removed ) and look at the crankshaft as it is the main rotation sensor

The crankshaft can fail to provide as the one single quality signal to the different sub systems to see without giving a code

The crankshaft signal is seen by :

Ignition timing

fuel pump enable on as a safety design

Tachometer on the instrument cluster

and others

Any one of these sub systems can fail to see the one crankshaft signal and fail before a complete sensor failure without giving you a code

The sensor should read about 1300 ohms as a basic check

There are some simple things you can check before purchasing the part , about $ 85 US

The " face " of the sensor can get dirty and effect the sensor signal

The connector in the bad environment can get dirty

There is no adjustment to this one sensor so don't worry about that

If the sensor try doesn't get you anywhere some keep a spare crankshaft sensor in their trunk for down the road

One of the first sub systems to fail is the feul pump enable and fuel starvation or proper fuel pressure as it goes down may explain your observations

You can jumper the fuel pump relay to bypass the fuel pump enable , on the earlier X300 should be marked going from 30 to 87

By doing so the pump will run at all times with the key in your pocket , so it will drain your battery

The battery must be fully charged in tinkering as below 11.4 volts during stater voltage sag the engine ECU ill not operate properly and cut out your ignition

The way the relay operates in the engine starting sequence is it will click 2 times in 4 seconds as the key is rotated to the run position before start position

This primes the fuel lines with a fuel charge

There is a check valve that holds this 43 psi for days but can fail or leak down causing starting sequence behaviors as a time between start attempts

It will click a 3rd time closed or fuel pump on after the crankshaft sensor sees engine rotation for the duration of the drive


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I had the same problem with my 1995 Jag VP, which is the same as the XJ6, The car was down for 3 years, and 3 different mechanics, finally the last mechanic who had it, sent it to Sachs Automotive in Jacksonville, they fixed it in 2 weeks. Phone number to Sachs is 904-641-0998, They replaced 2 computers, Because yours is like mine your computer is most likely damaged due to water. Call them and see if they can help you.
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Default Jag is back!

Hey everyone, thanks for all your replies but I was able to figure out what the issue was. The last owner replaced all the door handles and didn't re-install the door panel on the driver's door properly so it was causing it to catch along the runner which would then pop the whole bottom out again. Two days before my Jag died the door panel had come loose again and I thought I had everything back in place right but I never noticed the wires leading to this sensor was hanging out and I closed it in the door which I believe caused the sensor to start to go haywire. The lights would strobe every time I had the driver door open and only that door. I think the sensor was damaged though and would continually drain the battery even if the door was closed.

Long story short, I replaced the sensor and fixed the door panel and it's been running just fine ever since. Thanks again for all your replies!
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