1978 Jaguar XJ-C Coupe Sleeper

Jaguar XJ-C Sleeper

This Jaguar XJ-C has had extensive modifications under the shell designed to leave modern cars wondering what the hell just happened.

  Comments | By - January 2, 2018

We Love This Viper-Powered Jaguar XJS Way Too Much

Jaguarforums.com Jaguar XJS V12 Viper V10 swap

When the XJS V12 was made, I’m sure the people putting it together never imagined one of them would end up Viper powered.

  Comments | By - December 26, 2017

Jaguar I-PACE Concept Goes on a 200-Mile All-Electric Road Trip

jaguarforums.com Jaguar I-PACE Concept electric road trip

As the Jaguar I-PACE gets closer to production grade, engineers are shaking it down in the real world. One way of doing that is testing how far its battery pack can go on a full charge.

  Comments | By - December 25, 2017

New Jaguar E-Pace Barrel Rolls Into Guinness World Records

Jaguar E-Pace barrel roll

So, what happens when the Duke brothers launch the marketing for the new E-Pace?

  Comments | By - December 21, 2017

Jaguar F-Pace Tackles A Winter Blizzard With Class

f-pace snow

Jaguar’s F-Pace offers all-wheel drive traction in the best looking SUV on sale today. Does the British cat have what it takes to handle a Colorado blizzard?

  Comments | By - December 20, 2017

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