2019 Jaguar XJ to Be Reinvented as Tesla-Fighting EV

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2019 Jaguar XJ

As automakers struggle to keep sedans relevant, Jaguar is going big with an all-electric, five-door liftback flagship.

The world of luxury sedans is in serious flux. Whereas success was once signified by the level of cushy car you had in your garage, SUVs and crossovers have begun to take over. And that paradigm shift in consumer preference has also left automakers facing tough decisions. Do they kill off the idea of building sedans altogether, or simply hang on and hope for the best? One thing’s for sure – the current state of the automobile industry demands bold moves. And the direction of the 2019 Jaguar XJ might be the boldest yet.

Jaguar XJ

The current Jaguar XJ is a fantastic product in itself, with refinement, styling, and performance on par or above the competition. And yet, it just doesn’t get the due it deserves. So for the car’s 50th anniversary, Jaguar reportedly has something really big planned. According to Autocar, the flagship cat will be reborn as an all-electric, Tesla Model S competitor for the 2019 model year. Which, if true, means the big Jag would be the Model S’ first real competitor (just ahead of the 2020 Porsche Mission E).

It’s unclear how, exactly, Autocar came about this information. But if it proves to be true, the 2019 Jaguar XJ will be a bit of a trailblazer. Jaguar Land Rover had previously confirmed that all of its offerings would be available with some sort of electrified powertrain option beginning in 2020. But this is a bold move nonetheless. It could prove to be quite forward-thinking, however, marketed as a cutting-edge alternative to the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class.

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