Here is the Full Geneva Motor Show Reveal of the Jaguar I-PACE

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Jaguar very kindly recorded the full unveiling event for us all to watch.

It’s been a big news week for the all-new Jaguar I-PACE. The mid-size SUV is the first all-electric vehicle released by the brand, and it is big news. First off, it’s gorgeous. When Jaguar invited us to first see the I-PACE last year we were stunned. Jaguar had seemingly nailed the incongruous cool look that electric cars had been trying, and failing to create. The I-PACE stands out, it’s distinct, and stylish, but not offensive, or ugly. Leave it to Jaguar to design a good looking vehicle, who would have thought?

But it’s no longer a gorgeous design study, it’s a full fledged EV that will be on U.S. shores in a few months. We know the specs, the prices, the availability, and how well comedians can drive it. The objective facts and figures addressed, what about the subjective? After all, buying a Jaguar is an emotional, involving experience.

Well, if you want to see how Jag feels about the I-PACE, it’s your lucky day as the brand has uploaded the full unveiling event from the Geneva Motor Show to their YouTube channel, and it’s worth the watch.

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