British Comedian Jack Whitehall Tours New Jaguar I-PACE

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Jaguar’s new video finds the funnyman learning all about the I-PACE’s features from some unusual car techs.

One of the best ways to learn all about the new I-PACE, Jaguar’s all-electric crossover vehicle, is to hear it from knowledgeable technicians. And in the latest video by Jaguar, that is exactly what British comedian and actor Jack Whitehall does. Well, kind of.

The “junior technicians” that are schooling Whitehall on the I-PACE’s many features are Lola and Hudson, two nine year-olds who know a lot about automobiles, and keeping a straight face. Lola tells the Bad Education and Mother’s Day actor that the whole car is a 4g, Wi-Fi hotspot. To which he replies, “Where’s the button to delete internet history?”

Hudson explains that by simply pressing the key fob the I-PACE will adjust to your preferences, including temperature, seat position, and favorite radio station, which, in Whitehall’s case is apparently Celine Dion. Whitehall clarifies, “Obviously that’s broken.”

I-Pace Tech Tour

As Lola tells him about the power capabilities of the AI on board system, Whitehall says “Now that’s what I’m talking about. Spy stuff. Where’s the ejector seat?”

Lola drops some knowledge about the mph and torque. “I’m all about the torque.” Whitehall says. “You don’t even know what torque is, do you?” Lola replies. “Torque is my middle name,” says Whitehall. Hudson looks at his clipboard, “Actually, it says here it’s Benedict.”

It a very fun and clever way to get all the information on the new EV, and the I-PACE is definitely loaded with many cool and interesting features. Just remember that the USB ports are not for your toaster.

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