Jaguarforums Exclusive: 2018 Jaguar I-PACE EV Walkaround

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Jaguar I-PACE up close and personal at Formula E Brooklyn ePrix race.

This is a big weekend for Jaguar and Formula E. This weekend is the inaugural FIA Formula E Brooklyn ePrix race. The U.S. round of Formula E has come to the Big Apple. Formula E is the first racing series to crack into New York, having secured a street circuit event in Brooklyn! That in itself is big news, and we will have a full analysis of it shortly.

In the mean time, Jaguar is using Brooklyn as a great example of the brands commitment to electric and partial hybrid electric vehicles. With the all-electric Panasonic-Jaguar Racing I-TYPE throwing down in the street circuit, it’s only natural for the brand to showcase its latest and greatest: the Jaguar I-PACE.

The I-PACE concept was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show last year. Jag has been coy in calling it a concept, but we have had the details on it for a while now. The only thing missing: it’s release date. Well, after a bit of pressing by the media members in attendance, we were told that the I-PACE is coming out in 2018. Mark your calendars, this is one EV that everyone can get behind, because my god is it gorgeous.

I’ll be honest, when I-PACE was unveiled in Los Angeles it didn’t work for me.

Perhaps it was the color? In its slate gray launch color, it didn’t pop, it lacked vibrance. This red color is truly soul-stirring. It also photographs amazingly well. I’m a hack, and even my photos look fabulous. Looking beyond the powertrain,with its 90kW battery, and all of the innovative tech underneath the car, this is desirable car, full stop. While pouring over the details of the I-PACE (and trying to minimize my drooling) there was a common theme being discussed: desirability. Jaguar’s team knows that it must build a quality product in order to sell. However, there is more to it than that, their cars have to be desirable. JLR products have an air of coolness about them, and it’s not coincidence.

The I-PACE is covered with details. You could look at this car for hours and find new angles in which to appreciate its looks, or a new styling element that you had yet to notice. It’s captivating, and that’s coming from someone who usually doesn’t like SUVs. It looks and feels expensive. Look at the beautifully upholstered interior, with its buckets seats and stunning floating driver command center. Drink in the gorgeous exterior styling, with it’s blood orange hue that beams in the light and brightens the darkness. The Jaguar I-PACE may damn well be the best looking Jag since the F-TYPE, and in this color, may actually go toe-to-toe with the almighty sports car. I’m smitten.

Check out the full gallery below and tell us what you think of the all-new 2018 Jaguar I-PACE (click images for larger resolution).


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