Best Events of 2018, So Far: Classic Jaguars at Motor Legend Festival

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Spring event at Imola brought out famous race cars & full-throttle driving.

There is something about vintage race cars that just works for us. Whether it’s the unable-to-be-replicated classic styling, the skinny tires that have the drivers sliding all over the track, or the retro soundtrack from the old school carbureted engines, it’s a tough thing to beat. All of that makes it very easy to wax poetic about this video from automotive youtube personality 19Bozzy92. For the uninitiated, this channel specializes in binaural audio and high-quality video recordings from race tracks and road rallies all over Italy.

This particular video is from the Motor Legend Festival that takes place at the fame Imola circuit. The event is broken into a series of different races depending on the type of car involved. While this year’s event took place in late April, Bozzy uploaded this video only recently. It’s no matter to us, because we can watch coverage from this event for hours.

Motor Legend Festival Imola Circuit Classic Jaguar Race Cars

This coverage comes from the Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars race. It’s exactly as it sounds, with period-correct road cars turned racers here to throw down. There is much fanfare over a classic Corvette Grand Sport, and then a massive fly-by of cars leaving the pits and heading to the track.

Motor Legend Festival Imola Circuit Classic Jaguar Race Cars

However, once on track, the classic Jaguars steal the show. There’s a stunning MK II sedan, painted in silver and rolling and slithering around the corners. Then the E-Types come out swinging. Between the silver widebody E-Type coupe race car and a very pretty mint green E-Type coupe, there is much carnage. Through seemingly every corner, these two hooligans have their cars completely sideways and on throttle. However, to us, the best expression of this is around the 8:15 mark where the green car completely oversteps track boundaries, ends up in the gravel and refuses to let off the throttle. Gravel, dust and tire smoke fill the air as our heroic pilot stays in the throttle.

This is what classic Jaguars are made to do. Go drive yours and enjoy it.

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