Experience Jaguar’s Cutting-Edge Manufacturing With a Factory Tour

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Maybe you’ve been searching for an appropriate Jaguar-centric vacation? Allow me to suggest breaking away to any of JLR’s three U.K. factories for a quick tour.

Two of the three British factories — Castle Bromwich and Solihull — are body and assembly plants that offer insight into the way panel beaters shape aluminum, then create the monocoque body. It’s less common to have a plant forming bodies and final assembly under one roof, but the heart of it (and what should be your first stop on the fast cat tour) is Jaguar’s Wolverhampton engine plant.

The most recent update to the assembly plant fleet is the Wolverhampton plant where the Ingenium engine class is being built. The aluminum alloy turbocharged four-cylinder engine has been designed to be a more efficient and more modular for repurposing throughout many different models. From a turbo-four gas engine, to a turbo-four diesel, up to a turbo-six — they’re all being drilled and dyno-tested side-by-side at Wolverhampton. It speaks highly about Jaguar’s push for quality and standardization in design and assembly.

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At Castle Bromwich Jaguar’s ultra-precise one-armed bandit robots (reportedly numbered at over a 100) and a few qualified humans build XJs, XFs, and F-Types. Here you’ll be able to see the world’s largest aluminum press crafting Jaguar’s Innovative Aluminum Architecture for all three vehicles. Another special process first used at Castle Bromwich is their aerospace-inspired riveting technique. Jaguar is one of the first in the auto industry to use this fastening method with epoxy. This eliminates weight whilst providing ample rigidity.

Solihull Plant turns out the new F-Pace, XE, and the top Land Rovers.

Each tour is around $55 per person and lasts around three-hours, so be sure to have a full English breakfast before you go!

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