F-Pace, XE Leading Jaguar Hot Streak in America

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Jaguar at LA Auto Show (6)

Have you noticed a lot more Jaguars on the road lately? There’s a reason for that.

While many of its biggest rivals reported negative year-over-year sales figures, when compared with the same seven-month period from 2015, Jaguar sold a remarkable 59% more cars in 2016.

Obviously, a lot of that has to do with the relatively low number of cars Jaguar sold in 2015, less than 15,000. But still, it’s a marked improvement.

“We couldn’t be more tickled,” Chris Marchand, executive vice president of operations at Jaguar Land Rover North America, told Bloomberg. “Foot traffic in dealerships has more than tripled.”

That’s huge. But also somewhat expected, considering the marque overhauled pretty much its entire lineup in the past year or so, including a face-lift for the XJ, a new XF, and two brand new models: the XE sedan and the F-Pace SUV.

Generally speaking, big players in the auto industry tend to spread out such massive overhauls, to offset expenditures, and to keep a steady flow of new products pouring into the marketplace. Well, Jaguar wasn’t so patient.

“What we’re trying to do here is grab the attention of the marketplace,” ¬†said¬†Joachim Eberhardt, Jag’s chief exec in North America.

Well Jaguar, America seems to have taken notice.

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