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As Coachbuilders in the U.K. for almost 70 years, Wilcox Limousines are acknowledged as the European leader in funeral vehicles, and they specialize in Jaguars. Likely you never heard of Wilcox, but the business of the deceased is alive and well. Wilcox has the most comprehensive lineup of new and used funeral vehicles of any factory funeral coachbuilder company in Europe. They collaborate with many automakers, although the Jaguars are the most extravagant of them all. Let’s look at seven of these wild wonders.

Above is Wilcox’s bread and butter. It is the current generation X351 Jaguar XJ hearse. Continuing the all-aluminum-alloy construction to the rear hatch, Wilcox keeps the pure British engineering. This allows the vehicle to retain its safety and controllability with the added weight.


Here we have the same current generation X351 Jaguar XJ, but this is a family configuration as a six-door limousine model that fits up to eight passengers. The long-wheelbase extension by Wilcox is an interesting bit of footage, as you can see in the video at the bottom. Wilcox doesn’t just add a longer propeller-shaft and another door, the car goes through a whole reinforcing process so it performs as close to an XJ as possible. Both models are available in gas or diesel, and in six or eight-cylinder engines.


Is that the Jaguar XF Shooting Brake? Wilcox deems this creation the Jaguar XF Hearsette built, from the second generation XF model. Available as a diesel variant only, its five-door wagon body has a small customizable rear deck for caskets or seating. This doubles as a funeral and family car.


Looking at used offerings seems to be odd in this industry, but the last generation X350 and X358 Jaguar XJ hearses look classically elegant. These were the first era of the aluminum-alloy construction, which is replicated in the rear hearse hatch, just like the current gen X351 hearse. These had two petrol engine options and also a limo edition.


The X350 and X358 Jaguar XJ limousine has to be the best looking vehicle they make. The six doors look so natural on the straight and smooth body. It’s as if it was meant to be extended to accept eight passengers. Although the interior doesn’t look quite as impressive, since the vehicles are altered for shorts trips and lots of people.


This is the most tasteful used funeral vehicle currently for sale on the Wilcox Limousines site. It’s a six-door X358 XJ limo optioned with a rare Caviar exterior, beautiful beige interior, Vanden Plas looking bits bolted all-over, and huge 20- to 22-inch wheels.


Not listed as a current build, though I’m sure if you twisted a couple arms Wilcox could doctor your Jaguar E-Type into a dead-ringer for the Harold and Maude Jag hearse. Anything is possible when you have custom coachbuilders who are ready and willing.

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