Jaguar and Porsche Battling Over Race Track, Instead of On

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Silverstone Circuit is known as the “Home of British Motor Racing.” So it would stand to reason that Jaguar, one of the most high-profile British companies around, might be a worthy buyer for the vaunted track.

Alas, Jaguar Land Rover’s plan to buy the circuit in Silverstone, Northamptonshire is up in the air now that Porsche has decided not to play ball (to use a very American expression).

The Silverstone Circuit is owned by the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC), who have been in talks with JLR about the track’s purchase since at least December. Much like Porsche’s Experience Center, JLR wants to make the circuit their “spiritual headquarters with a hotel, museum, office space, and customer track experience program,” according to Road & Track.

One problem though: Porsche already operates an Experience Center in Silverstone proper, and they have an agreement with the BRDC that limits other manufactures to no more than 45 track days.

JLR assumed that after the £33 million ($43 million USD) bid was accepted, Porsche would play ball and renegotiate. But according to the Telegraph,’s inside source, Porsche is no longer prepared to waive those rights.

It’s also being reported that Ginetta Cars owner Lawrence Tomlinson has put in his own bid, and it’s apparently higher than JLR’s.

So we may have to wait a lot longer for that spiritual headquarters.

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