Jaguar F-Type SVR Unleashes Fury at Nurburgring

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We’ve shown you the completely bonkers Jaguary F-Type SVR, we’ve shown you the awesome co-pilot experience that Jaguar setup at the Nurburgring, but now it’s time to combine both of those awesome ingredients and put them together on one sweet video.

The Drivers Club Germany video below comes to us directly from behind the wheel of a 575-horsepower, all-wheel drive Jaguar F-Type SVR as it unleashes all of its fury on the ridiculously long straights and sharp hairpins of the world-famous Nurburgring, otherwise known as the “Green Hell.”

There isn’t much background on who’s driving or who’s riding shotgun, but it’s a bit shocking to see the driver wear only a t-shirt and not a full racing suit, while the passenger/photographer is decked out head-to-toe in fire-proof racing gear. Still, this video is all about listening to the supercharged V8 engine whine its way to 300 kph (approximately 198 mph) in certain parts of the track, all while the clever all-wheel drive system glues the lightest-ever Jaguar F-Type to the road without any hesitation.


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