Jaguar Adds F-TYPE SVR to the ‘Jaguar Co-Pilot Nurburgring’ Program

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Like many other luxury and high-performance vehicle manufacturers, Jaguar has launched an enthusiast experience at the famous Nurburgring. And their brand new baby, the Jaguar F-Type SVR, has just been added to the fleet.

Now, unlike the other manufacturers, this is a riding experience only. Meaning that fans of the brand, customers, and other interested parties will only be able to strap into the 5-point safety harness in the passenger seat, and not the driver’s. That being said, such a move by Jaguar is somewhat understandable, as the ‘Jaguar Co-Pilot Experience’ takes place on the ever-dangerous Nordschleife circuit, and not the Nurburgring Grand Prix track. The biggest difference? Large gravel run-off areas on the GP track, instead of metal barriers and concrete walls on the other.


The F-Type SVR was developed by Jaguar and Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division, and with its AWD platform and 575 horses under the hood, it’s aimed at being an all-weather speed cat capable of 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph.

“The weather at the Nürburgring is famed for being unpredictable and the new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is the perfect car to tackle the undulating track in variable conditions. Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division has engineered the F-TYPE SVR to be lighter, faster, and more powerful while still remaining a usable supercar every day,” said Mark Stanton, Director of Jaguar and Land Rover’s SVR division.

Passenger laps are available from now until the end of October, and the price for the 30-minute passenger thrill ride is €295 per person and can be booked at

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