Better Get Used to Electrics, Cause We’ve Reached a Watershed Moment

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If you’ve been clinging to naturally aspirated dreams of the future, it may just be time to let those go.

At least that seems to be the takeaway from recent statements made by Jaguar’s Formula E team director, James Barclay. While speaking at the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile ’s Sport Conference in Turin, Italy recently, Barclay suggested that we are truly at a watershed electric moment.

“Over the next five years, the rate of technological development in this area will be more than it has been in the last two decades,” Barclay told “We are on the cusp of a very exciting time, and Formula E was launched at a perfect time to ride that wave.”

Jaguar’s Formula E team is revving up to join the third season of the racing series, their first official Formula 1 campaign since the beginning of the century. And apparently, they’re getting in while the getting’s good.

Barclay believes the series is perfectly aligned to not just display the impressive electric tech that’s already available, but also to help foster future development.

But the future isn’t just about electric mobility. Barclay also believes social media and video games will play a large part in the way Jaguar markets their cars, which Formula E will also help promote.

So it would seem that now would be a good time to get on board for Jaguar’s Formula E plunge, don’t you think?

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