F-Type V8 R Fitted With VelocityAP Sport Cat Exhaust System

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Communities like Jaguar Forums give us a chance to hear real reviews and installing experiences, like the video below from Ryan23 about bolting-on speed parts from Velocity AP. Ryan recently shared his pleasant dealings with Velocity AP after installing two exhaust kits — one on an acquaintance’s F-Type V6S, and another on his own V8R. From his review of the buying, installing, and subsequent driving, it sounds like a simple way to add actual power with quality-built, warrantied products.

Velocity AP is known in the aftermarket industry as a racing-grade, OEM-authorized, premier exhaust tuning company. Since their humble beginnings in B.C., Canada, they’ve focused on developing performance parts for British-blooded petrol powered rockets, their specialty. One can really hear their engineering expertise from the sound of the Jaguar F-Type V8R kicking out such a symphony of internal combustion. The deceleration notes are much more defined too, using only Velocity AP’s F-Type R sport cats.

One deciding factor when tuning your personal car in these modern times is if the aftermarket parts meet reliability and safety standards while delivering the gains proposed in advertising. There is no question of this; with Velocity’s production facilities in Canada, they’re able to control their quality onsite. Velocity AP has evolved their production and is now manufacturing sport lowering suspension, ECU tunes, and supercharger pulleys, along with their exhaust kits.

Ryan23 only opted for the sport cat package, which sounds like an easy install in your own garage. If you read through his review you can hear certain things he’s impressed by, including precision cut pieces, proper placement of sensor holes, and world-class parts.

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