2019 Jaguar F-Type Coupe P380 R-Dynamic Drive Review

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Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe P380 Supercharged V6 Engine Interior Exterior Colors Options Jake Stumph

Gorgeous on the Outside, Even Better on the Inside

Those sport seats are a big, big ask financially, but, wow, are they excellent. Comfortable, adjustable, and brilliant to look at, they brighten up the cabin, and are as eye-catching as the F-Type’s exterior styling. The leather treatment extends throughout the entirety of the F-Type’s cabin, and creates a very upscale ambiance.

Many cars on sale have nice touch points. Those are the normal day-to-day items that you most interact with, like the steering wheel, seats or infotainment screen, for example. In the F-Type, however, everything about the interior feels thoughtful, and well-executed. Even the things most people would not notice, like the seat back plastics, feel expensive, and have the same matte finish as other items, like inside of the cup holders. Then there are the things you do notice, like the infotainment screen, sits flush with the dash when not in use, and then rises up when beckoned for. Or the heft and quality of the HVAC knobs, which are substantial in design, and nicely weighted. There is not one thing in the F-Type’s cabin that looks or feels out of place, or cheap in quality.

During my time with the F-Type, I offered my luxury chauffeur services to several friends, asking for everyone’s opinions, along the way. Unprompted, all of them guessed that they were sitting in an $80,000-100,000 car, citing the high quality feel and cabin materials.

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe P380 Supercharged V6 Engine Interior Exterior Colors Options Jake Stumph

Final Thoughts on the F-Type P380

The F-Type, despite being on sale since 2013, still looks and feels fresh, and desirable. It’s clear that Jaguar took much care when designing, and, subsequently, refining the F-Type. Despite being a performance car-obsessed nutjob, the P380-powered F-Type won me over. It’s relaxed demeanor makes for a great everyday sports car.

However, at $96,000, it’s fighting an interesting fight. The Porsche 911 feels like a contemporary in spirit, but has gone considerably upmarket in terms of pricing. That leaves the smaller Porsche Cayman, which may have the superior track day chops, but is lacking in the desirability department. And Porsche dropping it’s flat-six engine for a four-cylinder isn’t helping their cause, either.

Two oddball choices to consider are the Chevrolet Corvette as well as the newly-minted Toyota Supra. On paper, these two cars and the Jag have a lot in common. The Corvette trades off luxury and creature comforts for out-and-out performance, as well as a lower price point, if you’re careful with the options. The Supra is very interesting, because, like this Jag, it has a boosted six-cylinder engine, and the exact same 8-speed automatic transmission. However, the divergence is in intent. The Supra has a $50,000 price point, and it feels it, compared to the F-Type, especially in the cabin. It’s also more focused on dominating the local track day, rather than dominating the valet parking at the local steakhouse, like the Jag can do.

If you want the ultimate luxury sports coupe, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not taking a look at the F-Type. It’s a special car, and it makes you feel special when you’re in it. If you’re dropping 100 grand on a car, it better make you feel special, every time you see it, every time you get in it, and every time you drive it.

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