Jaguar I-PACE eTrophy Race Series Announced!

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Jaguar further commits to electrification with I-PACE eTrophy racing.

Jaguar is starting to charge up the I-PACE name with an all-electric race series. Titled I-PACE eTrophy, the series will accompany FIA Formula E as the exclusive support racing series. I-PACE eTrophy is slated to run 10 races for 2018, coinciding with Formula E race weekends. This timeframe coincides with the launch of Jaguar’s first ever electric vehicle, the road-going I-PACE, which goes on-sale in most major markets in late 2018.

The I-PACE race cars will be prepared by Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations teams. Modifications have not yet been specified, however, the teaser images showcase a few obvious changes. Compared to the road car, the I-PACE eTrophy racers have a very aggressive aero package, larger brakes and racing tires along with the roll cage and other racing safety equipment. We are curious if the powertrain remains the same as the road car. It may seem a bit odd to take a compact SUV racing, but the I-PACE is Jaguar’s first electric vehicle, so the tie-in is obvious. When Jaguar showed us the I-PACE, they stressed that its performance credentials matched the exuberant and sharp styling.

What you get once you sign the dotted line.

The I-PACE eTrophy series is being billed as an “up to 20-car,” arrive-and-driver race, with a VIP driver being involved in each race. If the series is indeed a fully arrive-and-drive one, the varying levels of participant talent should make for some … shocking … racing through the street circuits that Formula E participates in.

Reading the fine print, racers will sign on to run the eTrophy for a full year. During the 10-race, global championship, these well-heeled racers have access to some serious racing support. Signing on to run the I-PACE eTrophy means that the car will be maintained, and transported for you. Additionally, all the logistics of racing, including consumables, staffing and storage will be handled by Jaguar Racing for its clients. Promotion, marketing and television coverage are also on the line. What a way to be seen, with the newest motorsport series appearing around the world, and one that has even the rich and famous swooning.

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Formula E, was on-hand for the announcement, and had quite a lot of exciting things to say:

“Jaguar has been a welcome addition to Formula E and a fantastic advocate for electric street racing. I’m delighted that in addition to the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team competing on the Formula E grid, we will be adding to our race day schedule with a competitive new support series for season five. The Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY will bring more entertainment for fans in between sessions and will be a further testament to the advances in battery technology and exciting electric performance. I hope Jaguar will allow me to bring my race suit and helmet… and maybe get behind the wheel myself!”

More details as we have them, but the eTrophy series has the office stoked. The I-PACE is a handsome little SUV, and arrive-and-drive racing tends to be really exciting to watch. Also, who knows, perhaps they will let media behind the wheel? Now that would be some crazy racing.

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