Jaguar Quietly Debuts Diesel Engine

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In late Fall 2016, Jaguar will offer an all-new turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder diesel engine in the US. The “Ingenium” engine is an in-house design by Jaguar from their recently renovated half billion dollar West Midlands studios in the UK. Engineers crafted this new generation four-cylinder diesel engine for segment-leading power and efficiency whilst honing that velvet smooth Jaguar feel. Unique like their lightweight rigid aluminum monocoque chassis the engine architecture follows suit built with aluminum alloy.

Their Ingenium turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine will produce a strapping 318 lb-ft of torque from as low as 1750 RPM and 180 HP peaking around 4000 RPM. Attached to an 8-speed automatic this engine is anticipated to achieve very high MPG numbers which haven’t been released yet. Aiding high-performance and efficiency are modern internal combustion technologies like a low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system, selective catalytic reduction and variable exhaust cam timing.

A brisk build up of speed is notorious for turbos and reports are that this sure can whip up fast. Even though the data shows an 8 second 0-60 MPH time, I can see the 0-20 MPH launch in the 0.3 or 0.4 of a second and that is where pulling past traffic matters from stop light to stop light.

In the dark cloud raining on diesel engines amidst Diesel-gate, Jaguar wanted to keep their diesel debut for 2016 on the downlow. Albeit J-LR data online shows this is the cleanest burning engine they have ever produced. The tarnished diesel image may be a gamble but I think it is still the right time, right place and right packaging.

The first two vehicles to see the Ingenium turbo four diesel will be the 2016 Jaguar F-Pace 20d SUV powering all four wheels. A base MSRP of $40,990, the F-Pace is available to order right now at dealerships and to build online. Next year, hopefully in the Spring of 2016 or later Jaguar XE 20d sedan will become available. The XE is a BMW 3-Series competitor and will see even higher gains in performance and efficiency being a base rear-wheel drive passenger car or optional all-wheel drive. The 2017 Jaguar XE 20d will have a base MSRP of $36,400.

In 2016, it’ll be close to a decade of ownership of Jaguar-Land Rover for the Tata Group based in Mumbai, India. Over time with Tata’s plan of enhancing and expanding, building new design studios, manufacturing plants and starting first-of-a-type technology centers are just a few elements maturating the two British brands. Broadening the vehicle and engine portfolio over the next two years Jaguar will now compete in the high-volume luxury sales category against big names like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus.

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