Jaguar Stalks Prey, Unleashes High-Tech 2-Liter Turbo Engine

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Jaguar will unleash three levels of thrust for the petrol-powered all-alloy Ingenium engine. And they’re working feverishly to release an 8-speed auto soon. Jag’s revised goal of mating an 8-speed automatic transmission to their four-cylinder engine is to trash the aging idea of requiring a low-range transfer case. Adopting this gearbox will cut extra parts and weight, while adding efficiency — the most important word in an automaker’s vocabulary today.

Under the Ingenium engine line, this gas turbo four-cylinder mill has the same modular architecture as its diesel variant, but offers loads more internal combustion gadgetry. Jaguar did some premium tooling for this gas variant. According to Road &Track, it will deliver “up to 25 percent more power” and slice fuel burning “by 15 percent.” This was achieved by adding direct injection, developing their Electrohydraulic valvetrain, integrating the exhaust manifold, using a twin-scroll turbo, and ceramic ball bearings. All that tech pushes out 296 HP, but Jaguar has detuned variants using traditional bearings, which will spin out 246 HP, or 197 HP with a mono scroll turbo.


This era of Jaguar continues to impress with new products like this freshly-revised engine and the upcoming new transmission. Done all in-house, we’ll certainly look forward to the new 8-speed automatic to be more reliable and quieter. The TRANSCEND transmission project, as it’s deemed around Jag HQ, features an integrated low-range cogbox, automated dual-clutch, and hybrid technologies. With a 20:1 ratio spread ultra-wide, it’s perfect for multiple applications in the JLR lineup in either all-wheel or classic rear-wheel drive.

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