Demolition Derby ‘Get Carter’ Car Chase With a Jaguar XJ12

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If you’ve ever been to Seattle’s downtown area, you know it is filled with all sorts of great topography to make for an exciting car chase scene, like this one in Get Carter, featuring a Series III Jaguar XJ12. Seattle’s downtown has steep hills, tight alleys, one-ways, blinding rain, and horrible bumps that will throw you off the road. The director really caught that action with this Jaguar XJ12 jumping around.

This Series III Jaguar XJ was designed during the Daimler years under the supervision of Pininfarina with the transformation from Series II to Series III. This is the generation the XJ became more pronounced and cleaner. Love that Italian touch. The one shown here chasing down Sylvester Stallone in a Caddy is fashioned with a 5.3-liter 12-cylinder and the short-wheel base that really is the best package for the fast getaway and tight twists.

Throughout the whole scene Stallone’s dramatic drifting and evasion techniques can’t compete with the Jaguar XJ pumping four more cylinders. The bad guys are on Stallone’s tail in almost every frame. They have the better car and they are using it to their advantage to keep up and keep him rattled. Careful though, there’s some NSFW language in this one.

Seattle is a great place for action, but what city would you film a blockbuster car chase in? I think Paris or Prague would be smoking, and Switzerland might be over the top awesome.

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