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In a Jaguar Forums thread entitled “V8S tune – Eurocharged vs ECU Tuning Group?” our fellow members have been chopping it up about Jaguar bolt-on performance parts from companies they have never heard of and would like to know more about. So let’s talk a little about British powerhouse Paramount Performance.

It has been a couple years now that Paramount has been offering power parts for the Jaguar F-Type. There is a menu list of tasty parts on their website, along with this F-Type dyno video below. I think the clip shows their devotion to deliver actual results.

Although there aren’t a lot of reviews by the media, or owner confessionals on JF, Paramount Performance does do a nice job with their part descriptions. Just to discuss one of their parts, let’s cover their main piece of artwork from the F-Type: the supercharger pulley, which they claim is a first of its type. Their smaller upper supercharger pulley, unlike a lower expensive pulley, does not require an alternative pulley belt, so it needs less maintenance, while also providing an OEM look. They even anodize the pulley in aircraft grade black, which must look tight under the bonnet.

More power bolt-on parts they produce are high-flow intake filters, speed limiter removal kits, Sports Exhaust Systems, and local or remote access ECU tuning through the Viezu Technologies OBD connection device.

From the video below I’m sure that I can hear the supercharger a little more over that growling exhaust system. Listen carefully and you can hear a slight spinning and whistling winding up. This must be the lighter pulley whipping up to speed. The dyno map shows Paramount Performance can tune your F-Type up another 40 BHP with their parts, though you might need a U.S. installer. Dealerships, as you might know, stopped doctoring vehicles years ago, so you’ll have to find a good speed shop. Maybe even Paramount can offer some suggestions for you.

Have you had any experience with ECU tuning or Paramount Performance?

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