Rare Range Rover G4 Spotted on Craigslist

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2004 Range Rover G4

Finding this rare Range Rover is like finding the proverbial bright orange needle in a haystack.

It’d not often you find a true gem of a Land Rover on Craigslist. The fact that this is a clean, well-maintained example at a fair price makes it rare enough. The fact that it’s a G4 edition, supposedly one of three in the country, makes it even more so.

If you like your Range Rovers subtle and subdued, then this is not the one for you. With bright orange paint, a brush guard, and a roof rack — both with massive off-road driving lights — this Range Rover is not content to fit in with the sea of black, white, and grey examples you’d find at your local buy-here-pay-here lot.

2004 Range Rover G4

The G4 Challenge was an adventure competition run by Land Rover as a way for a brand to dramatically display their vehicle’s off-road prowess. Featuring grueling tests of endurance for driver and vehicle alike, you’d be right to assume that this Jaguar has been subjected to the worst abuse you could imagine. However, this particular example led a comparatively pampered life as a press vehicle before being pressed into normal daily service.


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Speaking from experience, it says a lot when abuse at the hands of automotive journalists is preferable to the alternative. When the alternative in question is a globe-trotting adventure through some of the least car-friendly terrain known to man…well, you see our point. It’s an unusual situation.

The Range Rover does indeed wear its 150,000 miles well. Speaking of unusual situations, keep in mind that this particular truck was produced during BMW’s ownership, meaning that a BMW M62 V8 resides beneath the orange hood.

Ask your BMW-owning pals about their experiences with that particular engine, and you might be able to make out the words “VANOS” and “timing chain guide rails” between mournful sobs. Still, an unusual problem-child powerplant wouldn’t keep us away from owning a unique part of Land Rover history.

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