Seasoned Jaguar XKE Racer Ready to Get Back on Track

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Jaguar XKE

After many years of motorsports action, this purpose-built Jaguar XKE has barely seen the road. And judging by its pedigree, that’s a real shame.

As much as we covet vintage racing machinery, actually owning one isn’t a very realistic proposition. Old race cars require constant maintenance and often consume expensive and rare parts very quickly. Add that to the cost of building a race car from scratch or even buying one already built, and it’s easy to see why most don’t bother. But that doesn’t make us want this 1961 Jaguar XKE racer any less, unfortunately.

The good news is, this amazing machine already sold on Bring a Trailer, so we can’t act on our urges. And believe us, those urges are strong. This Jaguar XKE is the real deal, converted into a racer back in 1980. Under the hood lies a beastly Terry Larsen-built 3.8-liter inline-six, which has accumulated only 108 miles since its rebuild back in 2000. That might seem like criminally low usage, but current owner Sergio Edell has a massive collection of amazing cars to choose from.

Jaguar XKE

But he recently chose to let this one go as his constantly rotating collection of classics is ever-evolving. We’d have a hard time parting with this incredible vintage race car, but obviously we’re a little biased. The previous owner of the British Racing Green beauty obviously did too, campaigning it from 1986-2003. And while it is street legal, this Jaguar XKE won’t swaddle you in luxury with its spartan, stripped-out interior.

Jaguar XKE

Then again, is such a thing truly necessary? Who needs a radio when you’ve got the glorious sounds of a built, 266 wheel horsepower straight-six to listen to? Sure, frivolous toys like this Jaguar XKE aren’t for everyone. But if we had to choose a ride for weekend blasts down our local country roads, we can’t think of anything we’d rather be in!

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