Range Rover Velar Gets the DeMuro Treatment

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Doug DeMuro thinks the $85,000 Range Rover Velar is the coolest thing ever, and he doesn’t mind telling us why.

Whether you like Doug DeMuro or not, it’s hard to deny his enthusiasm, and his auto knowledge rises above the hyperbole and clickbait titles. DeMuro’s YouTube channel is huge because he is obsessive when it comes to cars, and he communicates clearly. Also, his videos are great for drinking games.

In this tour of the Range Rover Velar, DeMuro catches all the major features as well as a few it takes a sharp eye to spot. He starts with a great run down on how the center stack works. The technology is absolutely on the cutting edge, and clearly, Jaguar Land Rover has put everything they can into the Velar. And, of course, DeMuro has also found some odd quirks hiding away in there, too.

He spots how quickly the seats in the gorgeous interior are wearing. Although, we’re not sure if blue dye transferring from blue jeans to a white seat actually constitutes as wear. We’re curious if it would just wipe off with a damp cloth. One thing  we can clear up though is the QR codes on the seat belts. Range Rover tells us they are used by the seat belt suppliers for tracking information.

At the end of the video, we learn that Doug is a Land Rover and Range Rover owner. Although his camera stopped working for the driving segment, he gives a nice rundown on how it drives.

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