Range Rover Velar SVR Spotted Testing on the Nurburgring

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Range Rover inadvertently showcased the latest JLR product to wear the SVR badge.

In this video above, a lightly-camoflauged Range Rover Velar can be seen. It’s a long video, so if you want to skip to the action, head towards the 1:42, 2:42, 3:56 and 4:42 marks. That is very clearly a Range Rover Velar, but, if you notice closely, something is a bit off. Listen to that exhaust note. That’s no supercharged V6, instead, there is clearly a V8 soundtrack coming from that Range Rover’s tailpipes.

Does that mean that a Range Rover Velar SVR is on its way to production? Well, let’s break things down. What would an SVR model bring to the table? Compared to the standard Velar, this camouflaged model has a noticeably more aggressive stance. The wheel and tire package is pushed out to increase cornering stability. Similarly, a SVR calibrated suspension package would likely be part of the mix to match. Oh, and of course, a supercharged V8 engine under the hood. Our friends at AutoBlog are reporting this new SVR could be packing 542 horsepower.

This all sounds promising, and potent. However, what if we told you the camouflage on this “Range Rover” was more than just the white and black wrap job? Guess what vehicle shares its platform with the Velar? The Jaguar F-PACE. We got the exclusive scoop from within Jaguar: Despite the body panels you see on this test car, it’s an F-PACE. The Jaguar F-PACE SVR is coming.

The F-PACE SVR will be making it’s worldwide debut at the 2018 New York International Auto Show next week. Stay tuned to the front page of Jaguarforums.com, we will be releasing more information as we get it.

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