Even the Queen Can’t Save Jaguar’s Oldest Dealership From Closing

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RA Creamer & Sons has been in the Jaguar business for 90 years, and has supplied cars for the Queen, the Queen Mother, and Prince Charles.

We hate to hear about any Jaguar specialist closing their doors, but we’re taking news of RA Creamer & Son shutting down especially poorly. And so is the Queen, presumably.

That’s because RA Creamer & Son has been “supplying and repairing” the Queen’s Jaguars for over 40 years now, according to a recent story in The Telegraph. Apparently Jaguar’s demands on the dealership are just too high.

With 90 years of experience under their belts — including supplying cars for the Queen, the Queen Mum, and Prince Charles — RA is Jaguar’s oldest dealership. Their 40-some years of Royal service even included founder Syd Creamer being named a Member of the Royal Victorian Order “for services to the Royal Household.”

But apparently, nothing gold can stay, as the shop near Kensington Palace will soon be handing back their two Royal warrants. Creamer’s grandson and the dealer principal, Michael Quinn, notes that Jaguar’s demands placed upon them to upgrade the business are ultimately the reason for the closure.

“The majority of dealers have been expected to invest considerably and upgrade their businesses to improve capacity, professionalism and appearance. This involves great financial investment and property expansion, and would have required us to move our location,” Quinn told The Telegraph.

Though we would imagine such demands will ultimately benefit most Jaguar customers, it’s obvious that the math doesn’t add up for all the dealers. But don’t feel too badly for Creamer & Son, as they’re expected to finalize a multi-million dollar sale for their 1o London properties in the near future.

Still, we do feel bad for the Queen, who is going to have to look for a new place to get her Jag serviced.

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Via [The Telegraph]

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