Racing Formula E on Sundays Should Lead to I-Pace Sales on Mondays

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Remember when we told you that Jaguar would be taking what they learned from Formula E and using it in their road-going models? Well then this bit of news shouldn’t come as any surprise. Although it should still be exciting.

That’s because the newly unveiled Jaguar I-Pace electric, performance SUV concept is going into production. And where do you think Jag developed such splendid electric tech? That’s right, Formula E, the all-electric Formula 1-ish racing series, currently in its third season.

This is just the first season that Jaguar is participating, but they’ve said all along that racing on Sunday would eventually lead to sales on Mondays, and hopefully the rest of the week for that matter. But last week at the L.A. Auto Show, Richard Agnew, Jaguar’s Global PR Director, told CarAdvice some of what they’re specifically learning, which will enable them to release the zero-emission, battery electric I-Pace in early 2018:

“I would say the biggest tangible benefit that we’ll get from the race program, will be in how batteries perform in a very challenging environment over time, and then more importantly, how we manage the batteries to keep them at their optimum performance level.”

There’s no place like a racetrack to learn about very challenging driving environments, right?

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