Check Out This F-Type SVR Handling a Nurburgring Wet Lap

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F-Type SVR

A 5.0 supercharged V8 pushing out 575-hp should be a recipe for a hairy wet lap of the Nurburgring, but this F-Type SVR takes it in its stride.

Dale Lomas and his F-Type SVR are back for another sprint on the Nordschleife. This time Dale and his race taxi are taking their passenger on a wet lap. The Nordschleife is legendary for being so long that it’s not unusual to have variations in weather during a lap. As you can see in the video, Dale knows where things are going to get treacherous and what to look out for.

We know Dale is fast around the ring already, but here he also shows that slippery conditions don’t phase him. Particularly with Jaguars all-wheel drive system to back him up.

Last time we saw Dale, we referred to the SVR as his office. The shirt he’s wearing in this video suggests that comment may have been more literal than we thought.

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