Jaguar Driver Overtakes 43 Cars in One Lap of the Nordschleife

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Jaguar Driver

For this Jaguar driver taking his race taxi passenger on a lap of the Nordschleife, this video shows it’s just another day at the office.

The old saying goes ‘If you choose the job you love, you’ll never work again’. This Jaguar driver appears to be the embodiment of that truth.

In this video, Dale Lomas hammers his Jaguar F-Type SVR Race Taxi around the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife circuit on a busy Wednesday evening. Dale is far from being careless as he passes everything in sight. He’s aware and comfortable enough to give running commentary to his passenger through particularly sticky areas in the traffic. He even points out to his passenger that the biker they passed still isn’t checking his mirrors.

Dale’s car is a mostly stock F-Type SVR with the carbon brake option. It’s only modifications are for safety, so it has a full roll cage, Recaro Pole Position seats, and 6-point harnesses.


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