Photographer Captures the New Land Rover Discovery During the Total Solar Eclipse

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2017 solar eclipse Land Rover Discovery

Alex Strohl got to his 2017 total solar eclipse photo spot by taking the new Land Rover Discovery off road.

What did you do to get ready for the total solar eclipse? Pick up the proper eyewear to watch it with? Take the elevator downstairs to the parking lot of your office building so you could get the perfect viewing spot? Open your blinds just enough to catch a glimpse of it?

Photographer and popular Instagram user Alex Strohl prepared for the big moment in a different way. Land Rover wanted him to get the perfect shot of its all-new Discovery during the total solar eclipse. To get to the ideal spot, he used the Discovery to do what it was designed to do: go off road. He started out in Salt Lake City, Utah and spent the next three days traveling in the comfortable and quiet Discovery to Idaho’s Railroad Ridge, an off-road trail whose elevation goes from almost 6,000 to 10,000 feet through the Sawtooth National Forest.

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Land Rover said the area offers “some of the most picturesque, yet difficult to reach, vistas in the U.S. Not only is the location remote and beautiful, but it was also directly on the path of totality, making it the perfect vantage point for one of nature’s most beautiful fleeting moments.”

It’s hard to disagree. Strohl captured powerful images. They’re simple, but they don’t need to be more than what they are. The pictures speaks for themselves. Land Rover also put Strohl in the right vehicle. The new Discovery was designed to – you guessed it – eclipse the LR4 it replaces. I’ve never driven the LR4, but I have taken the Discovery through five states and over sand, mud, and rock to get to windy peaks. I never saw an eclipse once I reached them, although I did realize how capable the Discovery is.

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