Watch the Former Stig Manhandle a Range Rover Sport Down Inferno Hill

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We all know of the Ranger Rover Sport’s off-road prowess, despite its sporty nature. That being said, if you ever doubted just how capable and agile this machine can be, then perhaps you can watch Ben Collins, the former BBC Top Gear “Stig” manhandle it down a scary and icy hill.

Officially called the, “Inferno Murren,” this nearly 10 mile stretch of extremely steep terrain in Switzerland is known for being the venue where downhill ski racing was invented. And while Collins isn’t wearing skis, his Range Rover has been fitted with a roll cage, racing seats, and a safety harness… just in case.

You wouldn’t expect any place that bears the “Inferno” moniker to be a walk in the park, which is why the Inferno Hill features its fair share of ice, mud, snow, leaf-packed trails and more. Of course, none of that is of any challenge to someone that’s mastered the world’s most insane production vehicles, and race cars on some pretty insane terrains.

Watch this video courtesy of, Land Rover, and find out just how agile, fast, and capable the Range Rover Sport really is!

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