Historic 1954 Jaguar D-Type Still Drives Beautifully

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Every 1954 Jaguar D-Type Is Historic in Its Own Right, But OKV 2 Is Legendary

No one captures the joy of driving a classic quite like Petrolicious. But even they’ve outdone themselves this time.

Perhaps that’s because the classic Jag featured in the video above is truly legendary. As far as history goes, this 1954 D-Type, better known as OKV 2, has truly unrivaled provenance.

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OKV2 was just the second works D-Type Jag made in 1954. And who do you think received the keys when she came of the line at Coventry? None other than the great Stirling Moss.

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Moss and his co-driver Peter Walker immediately took OKV 2 to Le Mans, where it was the Lead Team car, one of five factory cars to ever race there. They piloted the Jag to the fastest practice time and a new record speed down the Mulsanne Straight, to the tune of 172.97 miles per hour. And those are 1954 hours.

Unfortunately, OKV 2 did not finish the 1954 24 Hours of Le Mans, due to a suspicious fuel issue. We’ll let the car’s current owner, Terry Larson, tell you all about that in the video. He also does a good job of relaying the rest of OKV2’s very deep-seated Jaguar motorsport history. Honestly, Le Mans was just the beginning.

And of course, since this is Petrolicious, they give OKV 2 plenty of room to shine, too. There are some epic, sweeping shots of the still-beautiful D-Type eating up the countryside. So bonus points if you can sit through the whole 9-minute video without inadvertently getting up and going for a drive.

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