Jaguar Land Rover to Use Virtual Reality with Dealer Experience

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Virtual Reality Experience Coming to Jaguar Land Rover in 2017

Jaguar Land Rover will begin implementing virtual and augmented reality with their dealership experience. The brand hopes to bring the experience of brand new and newly-launched models to potential customers without the need to wait for their arrival to the dealer. Dubbed “Virtual Reality Experience Kits,” these VR headsets will be shipped to U.S. showrooms by the end of January.

JLR tells us that the goal is to connect customers to vehicles more quickly, through a virtual tour. This is ideal for newly launched and exclusive models that would not immediately be available at dealerships for conventional test drives. Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director, Andy Goss, is quote as saying: “As if our vehicles weren’t exciting enough already, this new way of buying a car will engage customers further with our innovative capabilities. The VR Experience will also help retailers to break the ice with customers and inject even more fun into the process of buying our vehicles.”

Having experimented with VR sales successfully in the UK during 2016 the brand hopes to implement it worldwide. Jaguar Land Rover will push the VR Experience across more than 1,500 retailers in 85 markets, localized into 20 languages. This virtual reality experience will be available for all new Jaguar Land Rover products going forward. The first in the U.S. being the new Land Rover Discovery.

Fun times ahead for Jaguar Land Rover.

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