Jaguar-Driving Jackie Stewart Promotes Beer by Not Drinking Any

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>Jackie Stewart

Here at JaguarForums, we know Sir Jackie Stewart can do no wrong. But this new Heineken ad is going to make you love him even more.

Set to a soulful, balladeering twist on David Bowie’s “Heroes,” the ad below is part of Heineken’s Formula One sponsorship. It finds the racing legend turning down Heineken after Heineken throughout the course of his long, illustrious career. It appears as though everyone in history wanted to share a pint with theĀ “Flying Scot,” and that he had no interest in such dalliances.

After the end of the stirring montage of victory lanes across the decades, the song crescendos and we see older, modern-day Jackie, still well-capped, exiting another happening party. On his way out, a waiter offers Jackie yet another Heineken, which Jackie yet again turns down. “No thanks,” he says. “I’m still driving.”

Then he proceeds to jump into a beautiful, white Jaguar F-Type and peel off into the glamorous night. And show us that Sir Jackie is indeed still driving, and doing so in style. But never when he drinks.

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