F-Pace Leads Way to Surging Jaguar Sales

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When the F-Pace dropped last year, many people were wondering why it took Jaguar so long to get into the hottest game in town: SUVs. Well, apparently Jaguar’s timing was just right, because they’re selling the hell out of the new model.

Along with the newish XE compact luxury sedan, the F-Pace is leading the way to monster sales gains for the venerable British marque. According to Bloomberg, Jaguar “sales in October more than tripled, and for the year, they’ve reached 23,568, up 93 percent, the most among brands tracked by Autodata Corp.”

93 percent! And that’s while auto sales in the U.S. are generally slowing down. Well, unless of course you’re one of those “smaller luxury brands with new SUV offerings.” Like Jaguar. And Land Rover for that matter, whose sales are up 7.8 percent.

Making those Jaguar and Land Rover sales gains all the more impressive is the fact that they come in the face of sales dips for BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus. Of course those brands are much bigger than JLR, who this year may see a combined 100,000 U.S. sales for the first time since 2002.

That’s thanks in large part to F-Pace and XE buyers, 90 percent of whom are new to Jaguar. And those buyers are certainly younger, which is why Jaguar can now boast about having “12 percent of customers under 35.”

So not only does today look good, but so too does the future.

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Via [Bloomberg]

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