Jaguar F-Pace Finalist for Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year

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Remember earlier this week when we spoke about how much the F-Pace is helping drive surging Jaguar sales? Well,¬†perhaps that’s because so many journalists have been giving the new SUV such high praise?

The latest outlet to say nice things about the F-Pace is none other than Motor Trend, whose word means quite a bit more than most auto rags. Especially when they make the F-Pace one of their finalists for the 2017 SUV of the Year.

MT loved the car’s “exterior design, the driving dynamics, and surprising off-road capability.” But it’s Jonny Lieberman’s assessment of the game-changing SUV which could help update the F-Pace’s SUV of the Year status from finalist to winner:¬†“The most important Jaguar since 1968? Or 1961?”

Hyperbole is the gas that runs the web, but in this case, Lieberman’s referencing of the all-important XJ sedan and E-type may just be spot on. With the F-Pace leading the way, Jaguar’s yearly sales are up a whopping 93-percent. Now that’s real change.

While the F-Pace is definitely the MVP of the Jaguar lineup, we’ll see if it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the SUV of the Year finalists: the Audi Q7, GMC Acadia All Terrain, Mazda CX-9, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, and the Tesla Model X. Results will be unveiled at the “Motor Trend Awards” live on November 14. Who knows, maybe Jag will take home two big awards that night, as the Jaguar XE is a finalist for the 2017 Car of the Year award too.

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Via [Motor Trend]

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