U.K. Jaguar Dealerships Stocking XE’s Competition

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Jaguar XE

If you can beat ’em, then why not have them join you? That seems to be Jaguar’s mindset about their new XE. Because why else would you invite the public into U.K. Jaguar dealerships to test drive the XE’s biggest rivals in the luxury compact sedan segment? Which is exactly what Jaguar is doing this first weekend of September.

Jaguar secured more than 250 competitor cars to offer potential customers the opportunity to do their own “magazine-style” comparative testing, according to AutoCar. And by biggest rivals, yes, we’re talking about the usual German suspects who have dominated the segment for a while now: the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Because of limited availability, Jag can’t guarantee that every U.K. dealership will have all three competitor models on hand. But at least one of them should be available, and popular dealerships should be well equipped.

The XE’s late-coming entrance into the luxury compact sedan segment has started to pay huge dividends for Jag. They’ve already topped 30,000 global sales in 2016. Obviously Jag is proud of the product their putting on the road, and thinks it stands up against the rest. So it just makes sense to make it easier for customers to find out as much.

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