Jaguar to Discontinue Production of the Iconic XJ Sedan this July

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Jaguar XJ50

After almost a decade, the automaker has decided to end production of the XJ, which is expected to be revamped as an electric variant. 

Jaguar has announced that the eighth-generation of the Jaguar XJ will be its last. The XJ sedan was introduced in 2009, and 120,000 were produced in that time. In recent years, the XJ has struggled in the marketplace, and has the unfortunate distinction of being company’s least popular model, falling far behind in sales compared to the popular F-Pace, XE, and F-Type.

The good news is that the XJ is expected to make a return, sort of. It will likely return as an electric vehicle. According to Autoblog, a company spokesperson confirmed that they will “continue the XJ nameplate.”

Jaguar XJ

Autoblog also spoke with Jaguar design chief Ian Callum at the New York International Auto Show and he had some interesting hints towards the next direction for Jaguar and EVs.

“We are doing more battery cars at Jaguar, yes,” Callum said. “That’s all I’m saying….When you’re doing electric cars, they’re new cars. They’re not just batteries put in an old car. You can’t do that.”

So, our guess is that we will be seeing a ninth-generation XJ. This electric sedan would likely cues from the existing XJ, but with with refreshed styling and features. Oh, and an electric powerplant. We will certainly be interested to see what Jaguar has planned for the nameplate. They certainly have been able to deliver a stellar EV with the I-Pace, lauded by critics and drivers alike.

But the XJ will be missed, it was no small feat for a luxury model have such a good run.

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