Quicksilver Exhaust Amplfies Jaguar XE’s Supercharged Symphony

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Have you already begun buying performance parts for your pre-ordered Jaguar XE? If not, I’d recommend scooping up Quicksilver’s XE V6SC bolt-on axle-back exhaust.

We first enlightened you about Quicksilver Exhaust systems here on a previous post about a lad on YouTube who fitted his F-Type V8SC with their full cat-back exhaust system. His F-Type sounded even more legendary than Jaguar’s factory notes, snapping and popping along whilst adding performance and lightening the vehicle. Their specialty is sound, but their quality and look is just as alluring. So let’s rip the top off this brand new bag to see how Quicksilver packages their XE exhaust.

Normally, I would only steer you to a full cat-back exhaust systems like the one on the F-Type for a more harmonic look to the car’s undercarriage and true sound. As you might know, a full cat-back exhaust system attaches right onto the exhaust manifold “headers” to capture the purest, most explosive sound possible. These systems most often require more expertise to install and sometimes demand a dyno remapping of the ECU to properly apply the power gains.

The XE V6SC system is a simple bolt-on exhaust muffler housing the same electronic valve baffling all other Quicksilver Exhaust systems deploy, but without having to install the cat or connective exhaust piping. Gains are enough to feel for a fun daily driver, but no mention of HP numbers. Instant benefits from their axle-back exhaust are better throttle response, increased power, lightening the weight in the rear, and nondescript black carbon tailpipes. Saving up to 15.4 pounds in weight alone will make the car faster all-around.

Watch the video below to see if the deep tones work for you. Sitting at $1,444.00 USD currency, it’s a bit pricey, but listen to those pipes holler such a sweet supercharged symphony!

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