For Safety! Euro NCAP Crashes Brand New Jaguar XE Sedan

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Jaguar’s soon-to-be-released XE sedan successfully survived all of Euro NCAP metal-crunching crash tests with top honors of 5-stars overall. There are many areas of research when investigating what car to buy, like comfort and performance, but the video below proves that safety should be the most important.

The first test shown is the NCAP ramming the XE head-on into a standing full-width barrier at 30 mph. Front and rear occupants were protected all-over, except for the body’s core region, which could’ve been safer.

Next, they sent a mobile barrier upwards of 30 mph into the XE’s side, representing a t-bone accident. This type of crash is very deadly, and catches most off-guard. But the test XE’s occupants were unharmed.

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The third impact test has only been around a couple years, and has been changing the way cars are designed: the frontal off-set impact test. Jaguar has done a marvelous job with it’s new crumpling abilities, achieving a low-amount of leg damage while crashing at 40 mph or below.

The next teeth-clenching test was the side pole impact, where the XE’s crash dummies were wrapped around a mock lamp post at 20 mph. The XE’s all-aluminum construction held up just as solidly as the previous bashes.

Lastly, the rear-end crash tested for whiplash. The XE fared decently in this test, if the headrest height is set correctly. For younger occupants riding in a child seat, data showed none of the crashes resulted in severe damage, but Jaguar could’ve engineered better baby safety. It’s a bit maddening to find that the safest location for your baby, strapped down in the middle, isn’t available.

Still, overall, the NCAP definitely recommends the XE for safety-minded buyers.

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