Series II Jaguar XK-E is a Pure Gold Restoration

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Series II XK-E restoration.

No expense spared Series II XK-E restoration is for sale and sure to set your heart fluttering as you check your bank balance.

Jaguar’s first evolution of the E-TYPE managed to take the increased safety legislation of the U.S and incorporate it well enough into the design that all of the world’s E-TYPEs had U.S spec safety and emissions gear. While other companies just slapped on a bigger bumper and hastily changed their lights, Jaguar took it in their stride and made it work. The only issue was the smog-era engine that saw a change from three SU carbs to two Strombergs, and with that came a noticeable loss in power. This example has had that little issue remedied though.

We noticed this exquisitely restored Series II XK-E in our own Jaguar Forums Marketplace and immediately fell in love. This isn’t a color would have come up with ourselves, and it wasn’t a factory option in 1971. The advert tells us the color is Jaguar’s Champagne Beige, a color that was only available for 1981 and 1982. The name and time period suggests something awful, but there’s no arguing with the result.

Series II XK-E restoration.

The XK-E’s restoration went all the way to the rotisserie and was then built back up to look stock. But, that finish disguises the right kind of modernization under the bodywork. Road holding is taken care of with Rob Beere’s suspension kit for fast road cars and polyurethane bushings and modern Michelin radial tires. The highlights also include an upgraded steering system based on XJ 6 equipment to keep things direct and the brakes have been brought up to spec along with the heat shielding. Something anyone that’s driven a Series II for any amount of time will give a big thumbs up to.


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The 4.2-liter inline-6 has been treated to what looks like a true road performance build that starts with a .030 overbore, 10:1 forged and ceramic top coated pistons and electronic fuel injection. The list of what’s gone into this build is long and detailed and it truly looks exceptional. We particularly love how the build is modern in all the right places and keeps the spirit of the XK-E alive and fresh.

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