Bespoke Ballistic Armoured Jaguar XJ Sentinel

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Did you know a bespoke ballistic armour option is available on your new XJ? Jaguar is one of the few auto manufacturers in the world to offer this factory option. The Jaguar XJ Sentinel is their second-generation, fully-armoured, Long Wheel Base edition, and it’s ready for your order now at your local Jaguar dealership. Let’s dive into some of the transparent and opaque armour specs built into the Sentinel.

Team Jaguar starts the ballistic armouring process at the body-in-white, reinforcing the foundation to form an even more solid and safe occupant cabin. This separates a factory armouring job from an aftermarket job. Jaguar is able to build in armour from the frame out, not just add pieces here and there. Jaguar does this throughout the process, dramatically increasing cabin rigidity to achieve the ultimate driving abilities.

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After they rework the unibody, the roof, body panels, and undercarriage are armoured with high-carbon steel inserts backed by kevlar. Similar attention to safety is paid to the windows, all accounting for a beefy B7 ballistic level of protection. Our friends over at MotorAuthority say this rating delivers insulation from side and undercarriage blasts up to 30 pounds of TNT, or equal explosives, plus a majority of firearm munitions.


Powering the XJ Sentinel is the naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 pumping out a sufficient 380HP. That jets the Jag up to 62 mph in under 10 seconds, even with the added weight of protection and up to 1,100 pounds of passengers. Jaguar added performance parts accentuating suspension abilities, R-model braking system, run-flat tires, and fuel cut-off-override. Options continue to comfort with anti-tamper exhaust, self-sealing fuel-tank, and an intercom to communicate properly during high-speed evasion techniques, should that be necessary in your line of work.

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