Pretty Little Kitty: One-Fifth Scale Jaguar XK-120

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One-Fifth Scale Jaguar XK-120

According to their website, Hammacher Schlemmer has been “offering the best, the only, and the unexpected for 168 years.” Well, this one-fifth scale Jaguar XK-120 certainly qualifies as unexpected.

I guess if you can’t afford the full-size classic roadster and you’ve always wanted one, this is a pretty good place to start. Or perhaps you just need something to get you from one end of the estate to the next? I suppose you could also use it as a golf cart; with a top speed of nearly 40 mph, it certainly would speed the game up a tad.

Regardless of practicality though, you have to admit this thing is certainly well-made. At 98″ long and weighing in at 215 pounds, this little kitty sports a 110cc four-stroke, air-cooled gasoline engine, a three-speed automatic transmission, rear wishbone suspension, gas shocks, aluminum body, twin-front and single rear hydraulic Brembo disc brakes, padded leather cockpit, and wood-rimmed aluminum steering wheel and dash. And as far as paint goes, you name it, HS will paint it — even with the legendary British Racing Green, if you so desire.

Most importantly, this baby remains true to the original classic XK120 that was first revealed at the London Motor Show back in 1948. It may only be one-fifth the size, but you can’t argue with the styling. However, you might argue against spending $20,000 USD on what is ostensibly a toy, even if it is one made specifically for adults.

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