38 Special Guitarist Unloading His ’62 Jaguar E-Type

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Jeff Carlisi Jaguar

For the duration of this post, please listen to “Hold On Loosely” and let it play loudly as you read.

Thank you, because this story is about 38 Special founding guitarist, Jeff Carlisi. So now you’re method reading, which is the only way to read about rock.

Of course, since we’re not a music rag but a Jag rag, this story is also about Jeff’s 1962 E-Type. Which Jeff is selling to the highest bidder at March 11th’s Amelia Island Auction, along with his Peavey Generation S1 guitar that he played in the oldie but softy, “Second Chance.”

Jeff’s E-Type originally belonged to his dad, Mr. Carlisi, a fighter pilot who imported the car from Spain in 1962. Mr. Carlisi just had to have the car much so that he spent a quarter of the value of his own home on it, somehow with his wife’s blessing.


Jeff immediately caught the Jaguar bug, and the motorsports bug too. So much so, that in 1981, after 38 Special hit it big with “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys,” Jeff asked Dad if he could fix up the old Jag. Mr. Carlisi said he was just going to give the car to Jeff anyways; so he handed it over.

Unfortunately, the 20-year-old E-Type wasn’t anywhere close to being driveable. But two-years and 30,000 restoration dollars later (including shipping the moncoque back to England), and Jeff was able to pick up Dad in their beautiful new, old ride.

Carlisi has got to be bummed about selling the Jag now, as you can clearly hear his love for the vehicle in the WSJ video below. According to TMZ, Carlisi is selling the car because he’s moving to Florida and doesn’t think it will hold up in that climate. I’m sure he’ll be singing “Caught Up In You” at least once or twice in her memory.

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